Town Criers Competition

Not many festivals can boast a Town Criers Competition as part of the celebrations!

Organised by Ely's very own town crier, Avril Hayter-Smith, the Town Crier competition has been an important part of our Eel Day celebrations for over ten years. 

Up to 12 of the country's best criers, plus their consorts, will process with our Eel Day parade down to the Waterside where they will have two cries -one "Home Cry" about their own town or city and the second cry chosen, by Ely's Mayor, Cllr Mike Rouse - "My Favourite Ely Character"

Our competition follows national Criers Guidelines meaning that all cries are scored out of ten in the following categories:

Volume and Clarity

Diction and inflection

Content of Cry

Accuracy of Cry

Presentation and Engagement

Best dressed  crier: consort: couple

Best Ambassador/Conviviality

Which bascially means that it not simply about being the loudest!!

Criers play such an important role in publicing their home towns and through this competition, we can help spread the word about our marellous city far and wide.

We thank our sponsors and especially The City of Ely Council for supporting this event.