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Town Criers Competition

Having hosted the British Town Criers Championship in 2018, we are working hard to top this in 2019!

Organised by Ely's very own town crier, Avril Hayter-Smith, the Town Crier competition has been an important part of our Eel Day celebrations for over ten years.  It was therefore a result of our excellent reputation, that Avril managed to bid and successfully secure Ely as the venue for this year's British Town Criers Championship.

Up to 25 of the country's best criers, plus their consorts, processed with the Eel Day parade down to the Waterside where they had two cries -one "Home Cry" about their own town or city and the second cry chosen, by Ely's Mayor Richard Hobbs "What did the Romans ever do for us" which provided some amusement!

Avril said: "We know that criers go back home and promote Ely in their own towns so this is a wonderful opportunity for Ely to really shine"

We thank our sponsors and especially The City of Ely Council for supporting this event.