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English Spirit Distillery - Joint Sponsor of the Food Hall

The English Spirit Distillery is a small batch copper pot distillery now based at Great Yeldham Hall, Great Yeldham in North Essex but you may be familiar with their other distillery at the old salt depot in Dullingham, near Newmarket. The English Spirit Distillery was set up over six years ago with an aim to produce a diverse range of spirits of outstanding quality. They are one of only a handful of distilleries who actually make their gin from scratch. They use local sugar beet to make an exception smooth 54% vol premium vodka, which they then distill again, to make their fabulous Dr J’s gin. They also make the only rum made in the UK, fine English Single malt, apple brandy and seasonal eau de vie, grappa and liqueurs.

Always a firm favourite in our Cookery Theatre, we appreciate their continued sponsorship of our event and look forward to hearing more about their fabulous rum as part of our cookery programme.